Jon Tejada

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Mobile-first, production site with image lightbox. Built with jQuery, Modernizr and webpack module bundler. repo

Local haunts recommendation/voting engine SPA built using NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL on Heroku and Google Maps API. Made with Josh Cantor & Jon Harlem. repo

Spotify library visualizer built with Angular v1.5. D3 visualizations of acoustic attribues. Makes API calls to Spotify (with Oauth 2.0) and EchoNest. Uses PostgreSQL with Knex, Express and Node. Database on Heroku. Made with Josh Cantor, Mauricio Andrades and Shashik Banda.

/blog repo

Jekyll powered personal blog hosted on Github Pages.

notReddit repo

An AngularJS v1.5 SPA reddit clone built with ngAnimate, Google Fonts API, Moment.js date library, Font Awesome CSS toolkit, and extensive custom CSS.

SSV update repo

Updated image gallery with Isotope (a dynamic layout & filtering Javascript library), Photoswipe (touch-friendly lightbox Javascript library).

Pixel Art repo

Simple pixel art maker written in vanilla javascript.

Spotify Search repo

Front end Spotify API search wrapper written in jQuery with custom CSS styling.

Tea Shop repo

An AngularJS v1.4 SPA store and shopping cart built with ngRoute, custom directives, Bootstrap grid layout, Google Fonts API, and Font Awesome CSS toolkit. Made with Lissa Walzer.